Augmenting the reality


Modern augmented reality solutions will release the situational awareness systems from the process control rooms and allow utilizing them on the field. Intuitive and clear operating systems enable instantaneous and effortless process control.


All of your data anywhere you need it. Mipro ARGO is a part of MIC product family. MIC is a modern, micro service based cloud architecture for managing, analyzing and refining data. Mipro has over 35 years of experience in process management, and different IoT- and SCADA integrations are the greatest strength of MIC architecture.


Does your process control software lack intuitiveness? Do you find it difficult to relay relevant information to the field? Contact us, and with ARGO we’ll find a solution to meet your spesific needs! In the world or AR the sky is the limit, so let your imagination fly!

Augmented reality
Process control
Platform agnostic

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Skilled workforce is hard to come by these days. Instead, often one has get by with workers with little experience. With Mipro ARGO the workers in the field can get expert support from and to any corner of the world! Instructions can also be given through videos and 3-dimensional instructional images of processes, triggered for example by QR-codes, and delivered through AR-glasses or tablets.

Mipro ARGO will help you grasp complicated situations and take control of work flows. With realistic models and good directing tools it’s easy to guide the workforce, especially when there are numerous agents and companies working on a project or a field. They will also be valuable tools for informing new workers about the processes and tasks in your field.

Mipro ARGO can give you a comprehensive process status in a matter of seconds. However, unlike with traditional SCADA software this understanding doesn’t have to be limited to a single, confined space. With the freedom of platforms you can take Mipro ARGO wherever you go. How about some holographic process data while the operator is doing his rounds at the facility? That’s not to say, that Mipro ARGO wouldn’t make a great interface for traditional process control as well. Indeed, the natural usability of ARGO can make it a great option for the whole control ecosystem.

Processes can be hard to grasp and master. Besides their complicated nature, some of the machinery can be hard to see or reach: they can for example be under water surface, or hidden by other devices. With Mipro ARGO, you can concretize the flow of the process with an accurate model that shows all devices and aspects connected to it. Process flows can be animated in the model for further demonstrate the functionalities. But why stop there? We might as well build a simulator directly into the model, with which the employees can actually practice operating it!


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